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Who is Miss Viva? I am a Oenophile. Defined as an affliction of the senses by intense cravings for good food, great service and vintage wines,served in a tasteful, comfortable location at reasonable prices. I have suffered from this sensual orientation towards the pleasures of fine wine and good food since I was a child. Wandering the road less traveled, I have been so very blessed to make acquaintance many a fine cook willing to teach me their favorite recipe’s and tips along the way. Also having a Father with an affliction for knowledge and libations gave opportunity to learn and sample many a bottle of wine.

The Goal of this page is to share this knowledge and take you the reader along on the journey of the road less traveled . So you too can say “Yes” to the adventures in your life and live it to the fullest. My hope is that now that you have found my website  you will check it often for restaurant and wine reviews, knowledge about wine in general, easy flavorful recipes and all
things that add pleasure and joy to your life. Remember always say”YES” the adventures that this presents to you.

I currently reside in Dubuque, IA with my boyfriend Lakhota and our two dogs- Annabelle and Molly Jo (MoMo). We make each and everyday an culinary adventure and are exploring the process of opening a wine bar and small plate bistro.